Exit Stage Left, are a tribute to the music of "Rush".  We are not look-a-likes, there are no wigs or false noses (although there may be a hat), no-one in the band is called Leddy Gee, Alec Likesome or Noel Pee-Art !   In fact there are four members in the band and not three as finding a keyboard playing/singing/bass player was pretty tricky.  In fact finding a singer who could reach Geddy Lee’s high notes was tough full stop, so finding one that also played keyboards was a bit of good fortune.


We are all fans of Rush and the whole idea of “Exit Stage Left “ is that we reproduce the music of Rush as faithfully as we possibly can, produce a show to entertain people like Rush would but  not pretend to be them. 

If you like the musical intricacy and compositional brilliance of Rush, don't care that there are four band members on stage not three and that we haven’t dressed up in wigs with false noses in a kind of "stars in their eyes” look-a-like way (not knocking that but we just can't do it with four people in what should be a three piece band).... then come and check us out because we’re the band for you !!!!

Alan, Roy, Grib & Jason … aka Exit Stage Left